Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum Keystone Heights Florida

“Aviation is proof that – given the will –
we can do the impossible.”

Eddie Rickenbacker

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Space Program Artifacts

Space Artifacts Collection

  • Shuttle Guidance and Navigation Simulator (GNS) 
  • Space Shuttle External Tank 
  • Hubble Mock-Up 
  • External Tank Transporters (2) 
  • Payload Bay Door Trainer 
  • Crew Escape Pole Trainer 
  • Launch pad escape basket 
  • Apollo life support umbilical
  • Apollo wrenches (23)
  • Shuttle flight pallet
  • Shuttle tire – 1 nose & 2 main
  • Shutttle main tires (5) - flown in space
  • Astronaut dehydrated food
  • Main wheel assembly
  • Fuel cell heat exchanger
  • Crew transporter vehicle (CTV)
  • DC power supply assembly
  • Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster
  • Solid Rocket Booster Aft Skirt
  • Solid Rocket Booster Frustum
  • Solid Rocket Booster Main Parachute Canopy Assembly
  • Solid Rocket Booster hold-down bolts & nuts
  • Solid Rocket Booster O-Ring
  • Shuttle Pilot Parachute Canopy Assembly
  • Shuttle Drogue Parachute Canopy Assembly
  • Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF) Clean Room with autographs
  • OPF desk
  • Orbiter Horizontal Access Tunnel
  • Triana Satellite Gyroscopic Upper Stage (GUS) Mockup
  • Triana Satellite Solid Rocket Motor (SRM) Mockup
  • Apollo horizon sensor system
  • Apollo glove assembly
  • Apollo back pad
  • Orbiter main/nose landing gear wheel and brake assembly
  • Orbiter crew hatch access vehicle (CHAV)

    Space Artifacts Wings of Dreams Museum Crew

Shuttle Simulator  Wings of Dreams Museum

  • Tile dicing tool assembly 
  • Orbiter fuel cell
  • Orbiter hatch tool set
  • Orion barrel & forward bay wire harness mockups 
  • Astronaut rubber gloves working environment trainer 
  • Shuttle piston/axle assembly 
  • Nose landing gear door assembly
  • Space Artifact Wings of Dreams MuseumHydraulic reservoir 
  • Propellant tank  
  • Shuttle vacuum 
  • Shuttle tiles 
  • Shuttle RCC panel  
  • Bipropellant valve assembly 
  • Multifunction display units 
  • Skylab oxygen mask 
  • Spacelab keyboard assembly 
  • Engineering system console 
  • Firing room console (KSC) 
  • Startracker 
  • Dewar (flown in space)
  • Hatch ingress/egress tool set 
  • Rotational hand controller  
  • DC power supply assembly
  • Orbiter window frame & cover
  • NASA Lear 28 used for remote sensing
  • U.S. Air Force Tracking Station Dome (monitored lauches during the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo & Shuttle eras)
  • Posters, mission patches, photographs, documents,
    manuals, checklists, flight crew clothing, memorabilia
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Airport Address:
7100 Airport Rd 
Starke, FL  32091

Mailing Address:
PO Box 357071
Gainesville, FL 32635 

Bob Oehl, Executive Director
(352) 256-8037
(352) 219-2285
Wings of Dreams Aviation Museum Keystone Heights FloridaWings of Dreams Aviation Museum Keystone Heights Florida
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